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Bus Usage


Bus Usage


Students need to be mindful of their behaviour both inside and outside the College.  They are expected to uphold the College Core Values of courage, persistence and respect and the code of behaviour at all times whilst they are in school uniform.

The College code of behaviour is summarised in the College Affirmation.  Students are to be respectful to all those around them at all times.  This includes being respectful to other students (no matter what year level), bus drivers and employees of transport companies that service the College, as well as the general public.  Students are reminded that everyone around them should also feel safe, therefore behaviour that is aggressive in any way such as swearing, bullying or intimidation is a violation of the College behaviour standards.

Our aim at the College is to have a safe, caring, respectful and positive environment.  This includes travel to and from school.  Please read and sign the attached Code of Conduct for Bus Travel.  We understand that not all of our College students catch the bus on a regular basis however we ask all students to complete the form in order to cover those unexpected times when a student may need to use the bus services.


Please contact reception for current bus routes.

College Affirmation...

I have a right to learn free from distraction.

I have a right to feel safe.

I always work to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me courteously and with respect.

I show courage when I attempt new things and I don’t give up easily.

I believe the best of myself and others.

I am the winner I was created to be.