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College Chaplain

Through the funding provided by the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP), the College is able to offer the services of a part time chaplain for our school community, providing support for students, staff and parents.  At GBC we have a Chaplain named Julie McDowell who looks after both the primary and secondary students.


We appreciate that funding has been provided to the College for this opportunity as we acknowledge how important a chaplaincy role is in a school community.


Due to the fact that the Chaplaincy Program is funded, the College is required to seek the school community’s thoughts about the program and to provide this feedback to the Victorian Government. 


The College staff is also interested in this feedback as it will assist us in future planning.


Our chaplain:

  • Shows great initiative in planning appropriate activities to address particular needs or concerns within a class, group, or with an individual child.
  • Assists individual students experiencing grief, loss issues or other family issues.
  • Assists students in understanding their behaviour and helped them make positive changes.
  • Participates in sporting activities, excursions, camps and other College events
  • Organises and runs various programs and activities within the school. These are often related to topics such as resiliency, friendship, teamwork, bullying, cooperation and leadership.
  • Is available for parents and can provide resources for parents.


Students or parents wishing to make an appointment to see the Chaplain can do so through the College administration office. A Chaplain will then make contact to organise a suitable time to catch up. All appointments are confidential and, excluding special circumstances, occur on school grounds.

College Affirmation...

I have a right to learn free from distraction.

I have a right to feel safe.

I always work to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me courteously and with respect.

I show courage when I attempt new things and I don’t give up easily.

I believe the best of myself and others.

I am the winner I was created to be.