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Information Centre (Library)


The Information Centre contains: 

  • Comprehensive computer lab. for private study and research
  • Teacher Resource Centre containing DVDs, Videos, CD-roms, charts, kits, books, and class sets
  • Meeting area with an interactive whiteboard
  • An area where classes can watch educational videos and DVDs relevant to the topic they are studying
  • Resource Centre for students with special needs
  • Lower Primary reading area containing picture books and Junior Fiction books
  • Central Primary and Secondary reading area with a library of fiction and non-fiction books, biographies, graphic novels, magazines, audio books and board games.


The Information Centre is open at lunchtimes Monday to Friday. During these times, students are welcome to borrow or return books, read, do some research, or use the computers for school work.


Primary students have a library lesson once a week, where they learn library skills and have the opportunity to listen to stories and to borrow books. During this time, students are taught how to access the catalogue, research and find the resources they need.


To access the College Library Catalogue click here

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