Our Mission


The College provides opportunities for students to maximise their potential; personally and academically.

The College aims to develop in students, and to deliver to society young people who have:-


The ability to discern what is good, having developed the knowledge and skills to commit themselves to action for a better society.


The ability to demonstrate initiative, self discipline, integrity and compassion in their life style. The ability to withstand peer, and other pressures, demonstrating resilience.


That students are prepared to work hard, and to strive for success in personal life, in further education and in employment.


That students have had the opportunity to discover the truth of the Gospel of Jesus as well as the nature of God. That students may choose to have a relationship with Him, living in the service of God.




We believe that schooling should be a positive, engaging experience where every student can explore and develop their individual abilities in a safe and challenging environment.            


What can be expected at Geelong Baptist College:


  • High standards in education and a wide range of courses
  • Emphasis on the individual
  • Strong pastoral care and discipline
  • Traditional family values and quality relationships
  • Preparation of students for entry and success into employment, university or further education
  • Opportunities for parent participation in the College community
  • Skilled Christian teachers committed to student success
  • Students contributing to and serving community needs through fundraising, social action and leadership


Download explanation of College Affirmation here